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From Historic Lecture Series—
A Promise for the Family of Man:
Maharishi’s Lecture at Jones Hall, Houston, 1972

Maharishi Describes
the Unified Basis of Life:
Appreciating Nature’s Intelligence
in the World and within Our Self

The Science of Creative Intelligence (including the Transcendental Meditation program) is the systematic study of creative intelligence. It’s a very beautiful knowledge about the fundamental value of life. Just as in the knowledge of the sap—it is the sap which becomes the stem and the leaf and the flower. Red and green, various forms and shapes it takes; but it in itself is unmanifest. The sap is neither flat nor round nor green nor red—no qualities. That quality-less material, unmanifest sap, is the basis of all these manifestations, these different expressions.

Like this, intelligence, pure intelligence, is the basis of all expressed values in creation. How do we know it? On the basis of common sense and also on the basis of special sense—direct experience.

Creative Intelligence Inferred through Observations of Orderly Change throughout Creation

Our experience is that everything around us is growing—trees, animals, birds, man. Deep within the physical, there must be something causing progress through change. And that must be intelligence.

On the level of common sense we infer that there is something behind all that we experience in creation. Our experience around us is that everything is growing—trees, animals, birds, man. There is growth everywhere. Everything has physical structure, but deep within the physical, there must be something—we are postulating that there must be something which causes change and causes progress through change. And that, we can intelligently say, must be intelligence, for the simple reason that we see order in creation. Whereas there is change—everywhere there is change and progress through change, growth through change—there is also order in change. This orderly aspect of existence has a name of intelligence.

There is some intelligence working at every level of existence, be it finer particles or molecular level or electronic level—any level of the layers of existence, fine and gross. But there is some order in the sequence of progression of life. This order is maintained by what we may attribute to intelligence.

If we become aware of the pure field of creative intelligence—just because everything in life is the expression of creative intelligence—we will be able to modify, improve upon any phase of life at will. (…)

The Pure Field of Creative Intelligence Experienced as Unbounded Pure Consciousness
during the Practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program

The whole procedure is very simple and is available to all the people. There is a saying in our movement, a truth: “Anyone who can think can meditate.” This Transcendental Meditation depends on the ability to think. And hardly there would be anyone who can’t think. Just that ability to think—because the process of development of thought from its source until it comes to speech and translates into action, all this development of thought gives us a path to arrive at the source of thought, which, we can say, is the fountainhead of creative intelligence.

Transcendental Meditation is a technique whereby we guide our attention in the reverse order: thought arises from within, and we can grab the thought on the conscious thinking level and then go back on the same channel through which it is coming up. Conscious mind, leaving off the experience of thought, becomes unbounded pure awareness.

It is obvious: all that we display in our action, all creativity that we display in our action, comes from thought. It is the thought that develops into action. Thought has its own origin. Everyone experiences from somewhere within us the thought arises. Whatever area is the origin of thought within, that is the fountainhead from where the currents of creativity rise. Thought is the current of creativity. So from wherever the thoughts arise, that is the source of creative intelligence.

Transcendental Meditation is a technique whereby we can guide our attention in the reverse order: the thought arises from within, and we can grab the thought on the conscious thinking level and then go back on the same channel through which it is coming up. And Transcendental Meditation is that simple technique whereby very naturally our awareness goes deep and goes beyond the thought. It experiences finer states of thought, and experiencing the finest state of thought, it transcends the field of thought and attention and becomes pure awareness. Conscious mind, leaving off the experience of thought, becomes consciousness. And that consciousness is unboundedness of awareness, pure awareness. It is unboundedness. This is the field of pure creative intelligence.

Pure, we say, because it is in its unmanifest state. The moment the thought sprouts, creative intelligence has started to manifest. It has started to express itself. So Transcendental Meditation is a process in the inward direction of thinking. It starts to experience the thought at its finer state, achieves that unmanifest value of consciousness or field of pure intelligence or field of pure existence where there are no boundaries; it is boundless existence, unbounded awareness, pure, inner wakefulness.

And with this experience, what gets built in the conscious mind is a wide-angle lens, we can say, which takes in a larger area. So that awareness, which can comprehend a bigger horizon—that quality of mind which does not lose wide-angle vision when it concentrates on the boundaries of activity—this is valuable to life. (…)

Enrichment From Within, Glorifying All Aspects of Life Simultaneously

Water the root to enjoy the fruit. Enrichment must come from within. Attend to the fundamental value of the tree—the root—and all the various aspects are enriched simultaneously.

If we can spend time on something which will really glorify all aspects of one’s life, why waste time in attending to the different aspects? If we can glorify the life of the leaf and the flower and the stem, and make everything rich—green rich and red rich—if we can do all that by just one operation—watering the root—we are saved with all the botheration of attending to every leaf and saying hello to every one, because there are thousands in a tree. And all the various, various aspects—it is neither practical nor in any sense positive to attend to the leaf and thereby make it more enriched, to attend to the petals and thereby make the petals more enriched—it is not possible. Enrichment must come from within. And when the enrichment comes from within, it can come by attending to only the fundamental value of the tree, the root.

All aspects of life must be good: various relationships must be ideal, thinking must be profound, actions should be so direct and powerful to achieve the goal directly. The technique is to attend to the basic value of intelligence, make it familiar, and let it be used in daily life.

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written by a guest
TM is the pool of knowledge n the deeper we go the higher we rise.i feel fulfilled after I started practicing TM.kwlux
written by a guest
Very enlightening experience,TM is the essence of life or should I say gift of life.i am feeling complete n endowed after I started TM.Daytoday fears have vanished.Sense of victory or defeat is nullified.Feelgood emotions are prevailing.TM is gateway to happiness n fulfillment .
written by a guest
I'm a fairly new TMer and I always love hearing more explanations, increasing my understanding.
written by a guest
I came inside from watering my fruit trees in 100 degree Arizona and was delighted to find the TM magazine had arrived. I am a new TMer and found it refreshing to read the "water the root and tend to basic intelligence analogy".
written by a guest
As a twenty-year "TMer" I am always refreshed to just read the fundamental beauty of this most natural technique. I had the glory of serving Dr. John Hagelin at the Global Financial Capitol of New York, before it was sold, and now I have found fulfillment in social work. I so hope that someday the governments of the world will fund the TM Movement so that all children may have the chance to develop global unity.
written by a guest
Wonderful knowledge in this e-zine. I have passed it along to my children and my friends. Great job.

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